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ZJNAC Group Import and Export Business Briefing (January)

February 28, 2011

Customs data shows that our company’s export volumes in Jan. reach USD48,930,300, an increase of USD13,393,200 in comparison with the same period of last year(the same below), an increase of 37.69%, an increase of 2.92% over December last year. Our company’s export volumes this month rank first among members of Zhejiang International Business Group Co., Ltd., higher than the growth rate (26.66%) of Zhejiang International Business Co., Ltd., lower than the provincial level (45.50%), and almost the same as the national average (37.70%).

Import volumes in Jan. reach USD2,449,800, an increase of 11.40%; among which, general trade imports USD713,800, down 39.34%; imported materials processing trade USD1,734,200, an increase of 70.58%; trade volumes of processing with customer’s materials USD1,800, down 68.38%.
In the first month of the year Rabbit, our company achieves more than 30% growth in exports, mainly due to exports at the end of last December and other short-term factors affecting shipping before the spring festival. Since entering 2011, affected by the depreciation of the dollar, the Middle East political unrest and other factors, prices of international staple commodities and raw materials continue to rise; the increase of several domestic interest rates and the raising of deposit reserve ratio cause the increase of macro-tightening; RMB has risen 3.8% since the restart of exchange reform since June last year; the expected gradual appreciation of RMB is still very possible; the overall trend of appreciation remains unchanged. Export stress later cannot be ignored with all these factors added.